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Lower Keys

Welcome To the Lower Keys

Once across the 7 Mile Bridge headed West, you will quickly find yourself immersed in the quiet pocket of old Florida that is the Lower Keys. Spanning from Little Duck Key down through the Saddlebunch Keys, the lower keys exude a quiet serenity, as well as an appreciation for the natural, both on land and in the water. Fishing, camping, birdwatching, hiking nature trails or exploring to catch a glimpse of a key deer are all favored activities, and the local attitude reflects the laid-back nature of the islands.

Lower Keys

Exploring the Lower Keys

From the beach at the 500-acre Bahia Honda State Park, one can appreciate a picturesque night sky, unencumbered by light pollution, or swim in crystal clear Atlantic Ocean water year-round. A short boat ride affords exploration of random mangrove islands devoid of human inhabitants, backcountry beaches and sandbars, or diving the acclaimed Looe Key Reef and encountering a plethora of marine life. Some of the Keys’ best sunrises and sunsets can be observed in this stretch of the archipelago as well, and views of beautiful ocean and bay scenery are at every turn.

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