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Middle Keys

Welcome Tothe Middle Keys

Following the island chain further south and west from Craig Key to the 7 Mile Bridge, the Middle Keys offer a family-friendly atmosphere, with the best beaches in the Keys, and ample activities on and off the water for all ages. There are numerous tranquil resorts, or options for vacation rental properties in the Middle Keys, and time can be enjoyed scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, or playing golf. Like the Upper Keys, a variety of wine and dine options exist, and there is something for everybody in the city of Marathon.

Middle Keys

Exploringthe Middle Keys

While all the keys are unique and boast a diversity of attractions as well as attitudes, the versatility of the Middle Keys is hard to beat. From the nature trails and hardwood hammocks at Crane Point to the quaint town of Key Colony Beach with its small beach-town shopping and dining, to the family-friendly Aquarium Encounters in Marathon, your choices for filling your leisure time are abundant. The fishing is excellent both ocean side for big game, or gulf side for backwater species, or you can enjoy a picnic or just take it easy on Sombrero Beach. So long as you can appreciate “island-time,” the middle keys have you covered.

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